Le Relais de Venise

120 Marylebone Lane, London 020 7486 0878

I can't remember how many times I've been. If I'm happy, I go. If I'm sad, I go. If I'm showing off the food in London, I go. If I've been drinking with friends, we all go.

L'entrocote, as it's known to it's friends, only does one thing, and it does it extreamly well, pehaps perfectly. A small salad, followed by steak frites. The meat comes from the same butcher that serves Buckinham Palace. It's served with a mound of french fries, and the true star of the show, the 'secret sauce'. I've spent many hours trying to recreate the recipe and I still cant get close.

The service is snappy, and the staff have 'charming' french attitude. The decor is that of a clasic french bistro, and there's always a bustle.

Be aware though, you can't book so you'll probably need to queue for the orignal london destination in Marylabone. The city brach is usally easier to get into.